I want to make the web faster

Some time after I saw the conference talk of “pre-browsing” in 2013 by Steve Souders, it struck me that I should do something different the next time I would create a site.

After doing some more research on his blog about performance and the key rules on performance, I now understand much better why most of the websites we have built are so terrible for most users.

The first thing I noticed after that conference was that the new website built by a local newspaper was slower than before and I could tell why. I could tell something was wrong when I tried to load the same website when I was in the train; the screen was blank for at least ten minutes.

In the beginning of this year I read a lot about perceived performance that can help masking things that are slow or busy, like preview photos on Facebook or this list of tricks by Treehouse, things like that are inspirational when I build websites that have a lot of state changes and I want to make something to happen right now.

Most important are things like knowing how caching works, which helped me to think differently about assets and how to build websites that are actually mobile ready, especially when applied with techniques like cache busting when I update some of my assets but still want to be able to cache my assets for a very long time.

Needless to say, there are a lot of things which I have left out, some are used in different types of situations or should be put into chapters at some point or another in the future.